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October 18 2016

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October 16 2016

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October 11 2016

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October 03 2016

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October 01 2016

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September 20 2016

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September 06 2016

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August 24 2016

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August 22 2016

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David Tennant and a bit of ice. Umm, I'm posting it because of... reasons.
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July 31 2016

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those freckles
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David Tennant cosplaying as Peter Capaldi
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July 20 2016

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No David, it's not the new S10 Sonic Screwdriver — David Tennant is awarded an honorary drama doctorate from his alma mater, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
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July 15 2016

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David Tennant sleeping shirtless. That loud crash you hear is the sound of numerous fans falling over ;-)
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David has a go at piloting a remote control Dalek during filming of the 2006 episode Doomsday!
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June 24 2016

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