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November 03 2015

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October 31 2015

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October 02 2015

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September 11 2015

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David Tennant in Places He Shouldn't Be... plot twist... actually done by David Tennant
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September 02 2015

August 27 2015

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July 28 2015

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In light of David winning (just in the last couple of months) a BAFTA for Best Actor, an American People’s Choice award for Best Actor, an NTA of Special Recognition, and Best Actor from Who’s On Stage, I find this interview with Benjamin Cook (DWM) from his DW days pretty interesting:

Benjamin Cook: It’s typical of writers, as I know all too well, to feel that they’re sort of getting away with it…that they’re going to be discovered and found out to be frauds…just sort of, you know, em … fumbling their way through the business. Is it the same for actors?

David: I think it’s much worse for actors cos I think if you’re a writer, you have to show your homework and everyone sees it, don’t they? Whereas with an actor, I think sometimes you know you’ve gotten away with stuff because an edit has helped you or because what you actually thought was going on in your head isn’t quite what’s coming across on screen. I shouldn’t really be admitting this. But I do think there are times when … no, I think actors all feel like we’re getting away with it. I certainly do, you know, by the skin of our teeth …

BC: Still?

David: Oh increasingly! Cos The more people tell you they like what you do, the more you doubt it.

BC: Really? Why?

David: Cos you think, ahhh, that can’t be right.

BC: Why?

David: It’s that human response…you think, well….eh…oh, you know….it’s like if someone tells you they fancy you, you think well, there must be something wrong with you. *laughs*

BC: When you’re doing something like Hamlet and you’re getting, sort of, good review after good review after good review from journalists who at least it would have been a far more interesting story if they could say that Doctor Who had bombed as Hamlet …

David: Right, yes…

BC: When you’re getting good review after good review after good review … doesn’t that sort of tell you something or not or when youre winning awards and things

David: Nooo.

BC: Really?

David: I mean, welll…

BC: I mean what I’m saying is you must know you’re…not bad. *laughs*

David: … clearly if you can keep going you begin to develop a self confidence, of course, as you must do as a writer. If you keep being employed you think well I’m doing something right even if it’s just getting away with it. I am managing to affect that. But I don’t think you ever kind of …maybe you do…maybe there comes a point where you think that’s it, I’m the best, now I can stop worrying …

BC: That’s probably the time to stop

David: … it would be very boring and time to stop … unless you were just doing it to make money, I suppose. But I would imagine as soon as you get to that, you’ll stop being any good anyway. I don’t know.

audio of the interview: https://audioboom.com/boos/82040-david-tennant-boo-2-it-s-like-if-someone-tells-you-they-fancy-you#t=1m31s

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July 25 2015

David Tennant (Sorry if this is a repost)
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July 23 2015

...and I thought I grew out of this crush... silly me!
You just can not not love this guy!
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May 23 2015

April 27 2015

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April 26 2015

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April 19 2015

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