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January 15 2015

Graham Norton Livestream on Friday


I will be streaming the Graham Norton Show with David Tennant and Olivia Coleman on Friday. It starts at 10:40 pm UK time, which is 4:40 pm where I live. I’ll probably start the stream about 5-10 minutes early. I’ll have the link up at least an hour before. I will post it afterward so if some of you are at work or something you can watch it later on!


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January 12 2015

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December 19 2014


Read David Tennant’s Latest Patron Message To Headway Essex

David Tennant has sent his annual message to Headway Essex for their latest newsletter. Headway Essex is a Chelmsford-based organisation that provides support and advice for people who have acquired a brain injury. They work through their Day Centre in Chelmsford, which provides rehabilitation activities and via their community support service. David has been the Patron of the charity since 2007 when he visited the centre as part of his research into playing the role of Alan Hamilton in the BBC drama Recovery. 

Read more here

December 09 2014

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December 05 2014

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As strange as the thing I know not.

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December 03 2014




I think I just died of cuteness

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November 27 2014

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November 24 2014

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November 23 2014

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November 21 2014

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So, the soup has spoken.

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BAFTA Scotland
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November 17 2014

November 16 2014

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November 15 2014

Bonus Fuck-You-My-Jokes-Are-Awesome Face:

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November 13 2014

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November 11 2014

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David Tennant blowing a kiss to the audience on Craig Ferguson (10.11.2014) (x)

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