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February 16 2015

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All I could think about after this weeks Broadchurch. Driving off the cliffs of Dorset, Britain’s two worst cops.

February 10 2015

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AUDIO CLIP: Listen To David Tennant’s Amazing First Attempt At Just A Minute 

Listeners to tonight’s edition of Just A Minute on BBC Radio 4 can hear David Tennant achieve the near impossible: he manages to speak for a full minute on his first ever go at the game.

Click here to listen

Rointheta, davidtennantcom: AUDIO CLIP: Listen To David...
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February 08 2015

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February 04 2015

January 28 2015

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David Tennant as Hamlet. (X)

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National Television Awards
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January 27 2015

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January 16 2015

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January 15 2015

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