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April 18 2020

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✨ Happy birthday David John Tennant (18th April 1971) 💫

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April 03 2020

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i have reblogged this twice already and every single time i cry laughing

I’ve seen this post so many times and just now noticed the double ‘n’ in landlord that’s great

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March 21 2020

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The dash is feeling Tennant-y tonight, I see.

i found this ancient post from my blog so if you want to know what tumblr looked like from an ipod in 2010……

Thanks i hate it!

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February 26 2020

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What a piece of work is a man. How noble in reason. How infinite in faculty. In form and moving, how express and admirable. In action, how like an angel. In apprehension, how like a god. The beauty of the world. The paragon of animals. And yet, to me, what is this… quintessence of dust? Man delights not me.

David Tennant as Prince Hamlet in RSC Live: Hamlet (2009)

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January 26 2020

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January 25 2020

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December 03 2019

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September 19 2019

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September 18 2019

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January 12 2018

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Happy Kiss a Ginger Day!
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September 25 2017

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September 21 2017

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